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The primary focus of SAMS is to work in partnership with disabled persons, families/whanau, agencies and other stakeholders to improve community services for people with a disability and /or mental health issues. SAMS is committed to ensuring that services keep focused on enhancing the quality of life for people using these services.

SAMS Position Statements: click here to view

SAMS work includes

Partnership - the aim of all SAMS evaluation and education practice is to build equitable relationships so there is an optimum chance for positive development,

Innovation - creating new ways to achieve excellence,

Integrity - SAMS has a commitment to ensuring we provide quality services that are continually refined to meet the needs of the sector,

Independence - SAMS is a not-for-profit Trust governed by disabled persons and family/whanau.

Announcement for people with disabilities and their families - Caring for the Carers - Care Matters - for more information about this exciting new initiative click here

Press release November 2, 2015 - read in full - click here

Caring for the Carers

Two new national services to support family carers have been launched by the Ministry of Health for delivery by not-for-profits SAMS (Standards and Monitoring Services), Parent to Parent, and Carers New Zealand.  Read more about Care Matters here -  click here  

For further information please contact SAMS.

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