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Audrey Buel

Role: Evaluation Team Leader

Audrey is an Evaluation Team Leader for SAMS and has undertaken several roles within the organization since 1991.

Audrey has led evaluations and facilitated training projects which aim to empower others through sharing information.

Before SAMS, Audrey worked alongside disabled people on a horticultural farm, facilitated training for families and staff in human services and worked with colleagues who believed people who experienced challenges deserved to have a quality lifestyle.

In the United States Audrey worked with the Deaf, was part of a work-based centre helping people realise their potential and created social opportunities for young people who lived in a small institution.

Audrey believes by creating equitable opportunities in her own networks can lead to the creation of equitable relationships in society. Audrey is a strong believer in leading by example and while walking the talk can sometimes be a challenge, it is where Audrey feels her energy is best spent.

Audrey was once advised, “People who do not stand for much, rarely get involved in battles” and “the vision building task is usually also involved in vision challenging and vision replacement”. These words provide Audrey with a guide for her practice.

Audrey is an advocate for enhanced communication and has been involved with the Deaf community in the US and New Zealand in a variety of roles. Audrey has a Bachelor of Science – Degree in Counselling Psychology with focus on Social and Rehabilitation Services and has been the Sign Advisor for Makaton NewZealand/Aoteroa since 1997.

Ph: 09 235 7047
Mob: 027 434 5582