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Family/Whanau Carers - Care Matters

For many years SAMS, an independent family governed Trust, has provided family members and caregivers with an opportunity to meet with other families and share helpful ideas and access information about disability services.

These free workshops are held throughout New Zealand.

The aim of the workshop is to provide family/caregivers with knowledge from others who “have been through the system”.

Experienced SAMS facilitators, including at least one family member, assist individuals and families to obtain the information and skills they need to understand disability services, build a stronger family and increase the chances that they can be effective when interacting with “professionals”. Individual courses are tailored to meet the needs and preferences of each unique group.

Courses are held in different locations and are timed to enable families with school aged children to attend i.e. 9.30 am – 2.30 pm. Morning tea and lunch are provided and a financial contribution is available to cover any cost incurred for people to attend the course.

There are a wide range of topics available to choose from and a comprehensive resource book is given to participants. If needed, SAMS will arrange for guest speakers with expert local understanding or knowledge.

For more information on our upcoming Care Matters workshops see the Care Matters website  click here  contact  Tina Lincoln click here  

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