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Developmental Evaluation

What is SAMS Development Evaluation

Developmental evaluation is a person-centred and outcomes-focused approach with a focus on the experiences of, and the outcomes for, the people who use services, and on helping service providers to learn and develop. 

SAMS Developmental Evaluation is concerned with providing an environment where disabled people, families, providers and other key stakeholders can express their experiences and opinions.  It examines the effectiveness of approaches, and it values flexible and creative responses to existing or emerging challenges

What a SAMS Developmenal Evaluation typically looks like

  • Disabled people and families are not just the key contributors to evaluation but the designers and facilitators of the evaluation process
  • A team of people, including trained disabled people and family members, use a consensus approach to determining evaluation findings, feedback, and suggestions.
  • Collaboration is key.  All stakeholders are focused on working together for development. 
  • The way information is gathered is customised.

SAMS has been conducting evaluations since 1979. Working nationally and internationally, SAMS has pioneered a developmental evaluation approach that ensures the views of disabled people, family/whanau, service providers and funding agencies are equitably represented. The SAMS Multi-Perspective Approach (1994) to evaluation enables innovative, ethical and effective development.

SAMS is committed to an evaluation approach that is: 

  • Values/Principles Based Constructive
  • Innovative
  • Current
  • Inclusive
  • Pragmatic

SAMS believes service and sector development is a constant process i.e. plan – act – evaluate – innovate. Focus is placed on identifying strengths and potential areas of development from the perspective of the different stakeholder groups. All SAMS evaluators have undergone training and our partnership approach ensures evaluation teams include experienced disabled persons and/or family members.

SAMS has an extensive network throughout New Zealand and has a demonstrated ability to work collaboratively. While primarily working under contract to the Ministry of Health and Ministry of Social Development, SAMS undertakes evaluation projects directly with a wide range of Non-Government and Government organizations.

In addition to conducting evaluations, SAMS has also undertaken a number of projects in New Zealand and Australia to provide training and mentoring for organizations/groups who wish to develop evaluation agencies and/or develop evaluation tools and processes.

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